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Inspirations: Gloria Steinem and Wilma Mankiller

Books: Gone with the Wind

Quote: "One does not sell the earth upon which the people walk."

Crazy Horse

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Lisa Tiger has been doing AIDS education since 1992. Infected in 1988, she went from HIV to AIDS and also was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. She had four adopted children and one biological. She is devoted to improving the physiological, emotional, physical, and spiritual health of all People but especially those in Native communities.

Lisa Tiger is a member of the Muscogee Nation and is of Creek, Seminole, and Cherokee descent. Lisa comes from a family of acclaimed Native American artists, including her father, Jerome Tiger, and grew up surrounded by Native American Art.

In 1990, Lisa's brother Chris was shot and killed. This tragedy, and its accompanying difficulties in dealing with the criminal justice system, led Lisa to become active as an advocate for victims of violence. In 1992, when Lisa learned she had tested positive for HIV, she made the decision to champion the cause of AIDS education, prevention, and research, becoming certified by the Red Cross as an AIDS educator and taking her message to schools, colleges, clinics and conferences.

Today, Lisa has spoken throughout the nation, and enjoys exchanging ideas with the Native American people she meets when she travels to reservations and native communities. Lisa passionately believes that a return to traditional values in native communities will give men and women of all tribes the strength and determination to work together against poverty, murder, fatal accidents, suicide, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, drug addiction and AIDS, and her most cherished wish is to see a day when all tribes are in alliance to preserve the health, history, and culture of every Native American.

She has won The Women of Courage award from the National Organization of Women and an award from amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research. She is also included in the anthology, Listen Up: Voices from the Next Feminist Generation


Lisa Tiger HIV/AIDS

Educator and Motivational Speaker